Is "White Privilege" a Bad Thing?

A follower asked us this great question: 

I have had a recurring argument with various friends and family about the term "white privilege". My argument isn't about discrimination, I KNOW it exists and find it disgusting. My argument is that the term itself is not persuasive at all. It raises hackles and makes perfectly reasonable people angry. It suggests that somehow, just by being born white, we have done something wrong.

I know, I know, that is not the intention, at least by most of the people I have discussed it with. BUT that is how it "feels" and it does not bring friends to the table to an open discussion. When I have had these discussions it usually comes down to the other person saying "So what would YOU call it?" To be honest, I can't think of a thing besides discrimination. Can you pitch me a flotation device here?

Here's Jay's answer:

In rhetoric, you need to work off the beliefs and expectations of your audience. Accusing that audience of being evil just because of who they are won't win you many fans, clearly.

So what "flotation device" can substitute for white privilege? Try "white privilege." Embrace the term. Say you're all for white privilege, but think that everyone in America ought to have the same great privilege. Because this is, you know, America!

Maybe the problem isn't our privilege as white people. It's the fact that not everyone in America has our awesome advantages. So, yay for white privilege. Instead of feeling guilty about it, we should all do our best to make sure everyone gets it. The Great American Promise is that white privilege will someday truly become American privilege. -Jay Heinrichs