Tips for Educators


Read the New Teacher's Guide

Written by the co-creator of Argue Lab and published by Random House, this guide to teaching Thank You for Arguing is  packed with teaching tips, exercises, quiz questions, and more.

Download it here.

Get a free review copy

Haven't read the new edition of Thank You for Arguing yet, and you teach at a high school or college? Ask for a free copy! Contact us for details. (Don't forget your snail-mail address so we can send you the physical version.)

By the way: You can get a bulk educator's discount for Thank You for Arguing from Random House.  

Have Jay phone, Skype, or Google your class

Jay offers free phone-ins, Skype-ins, or Google Hangouts for classes or clubs that use the book. He can give a quick ten-minute talk about living the writer's life, about how the argument skills have changed him...or any other topic you choose. Then we get to interaction, with questions asked live or submitted in advance. Click here to learn how.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Jay and his collaborator, Christina Fox, are releasing weekly videos geared toward your students. And they often answer questions students ask in the comments or in ArgueLab! You'll find the YouTube channel here.

Use these online tests

Use this site as a teacher's guide and give tests on the book's contents. This site creates a pdf score certificate that students can email to you. Let us know if you have any suggestions for more quizzes. If you've created tests that you'd like to share, send them and we'll consider adding them to the test page.   Afterward, have them produce a competitive 2-minute speech!

Have your students submit competitive videos

We're asking people--not just students--to submit 2 or 3 minute commencement addresses. Go here for information and to see a sample video.

Use the book to flip your classroom

David Landes of the American University in Dubai tells how here

Assign field reports

Learn more here.