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It's hard enough to change a person's opinion. But how do you get her to actually do something. Here are two tools, straight out of Aristotle.

This should be watched by every rhetoric and AP English Language student. Why? Because it shows how persuasion can lead to understanding. Even love.

Aristotle's secret to persuading an audience.

How to sound like the Voice of God. Or Clooney.

Pickup lines are perfect persuasion moments, a chance to learn the most powerful weapon of rhetoric: Ethos.

When you know you're going to lose an argument, here's a way to win in the long run.

Yogi Berra claims he didn't say half the things he said. The man was a genius at idioms.

What to do when you catch someone in a logical mistake. The answer may surprise you.

Speak like MLK with an exercise called prosopopeia.

The rhetorical tools you need to get a cop to let you off.

Screwing up can actually improve your reputation.

Never mind logic. Use this tool to get what you want.

Here's a secret that can help you land a job or get into a college: in rhetoric it's called the peroration.

The art of framing can help your personal arguments. Even with your own big sister.

How to manipulate people so they actually enjoy it.

It's question time at ArgueLab! This grown-up high school junior works part-time and gets good grades, but her mom still treats her like a child. What to do?

Are you scared about screwing up in public? Then this video will surprise you.

QUESTION TIME!  How do you get people to take you seriously in a meeting? Jay's answer: almagamate!

Two really dumb words make people go ballistic and even cause lawsuits. Yet we use them all the time.

Why do people say "There'll be the devil to pay!" Because of the British Navy. A perfect example of idioms, the molecules of rhetoric.

Want to keep the anger out of a disagreement? Try using the future tense. Christina Fox and her imaginary boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, explain.

Hollywood oratory sure does inspire. But what if you don't have the music soundtrack, or your face isn't painted blue? ArgueLab's Christina Fox answers.

It's the art of leadership, the art of persuasion, and much, much more. ArgueLab's Christina Fox explains.